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Passionately Cultivating Growth

Passionately Cultivating Growth

Passionately Cultivating GrowthPassionately Cultivating GrowthPassionately Cultivating Growth

Meet the ardent grove leadership team

Courtney Klein, PsyD, LCP Executive Director


I am excited to be given the opportunity to develop and oversee Ardent Grove in order to build a low-cost, high-quality mental health clinic in the Denver and surrounding communities, and to also build a large community project such as our current effort at meeting with parents, students, and schools at large to support social-emotional well-being in these times of school violence and prevention. 

Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT Program Director


I am passionate about our work at the Ardent Grove Foundation. Good therapy is often a luxury expense and I am so thrilled that we can deliver high quality, trauma informed care to anyone regardless of socioeconomic status. I am so grateful to our therapists who are so passionate about the work they do and excited for our mission to create waves of healing in the Denver-area community.

Chelsea Campbell, PsyD, LCP Training Director


What excites me most about the Ardent Grove Foundation is the opportunity we have to provide specialized psychological services to the Denver community. Our staff's varied backgrounds and training experiences allow us to serve the community in many unique ways. Not only do we aim to serve our community, but we will also be training the next generation of psychologists through our student program. It excites me to think about the lasting impact we can have by offering high quality training, as this ultimately leads to high quality service provision throughout the community. 

Jennifer Kloewer Director of Community Engagement


I am grateful to work with a great group of people who are recognizing mental health needs in the community and organizing to better serve it. I am particularly excited to be part of the education outreach. My background is in elementary education and child development and we are working on some exciting projects in that arena in the near future! I truly believe that the best way to grow as a human is to further your education, and what better way to foster a healthier community than to provide it with the tools to come back stronger and more resilient.

Lies van Bekkum, PsyD, LCP Development Director


Being part of the Ardent Grove Foundation fulfills my desire to increase access to specialized trauma-informed care to a larger community. Everyone in our community deserves access to mental health care and I am excited to do my part to develop and implement a strategic plan to raise funds for our therapy clinic and community education. I adore our wonderful staff and board members as we work to make a difference in the community.