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Passionately Cultivating Growth

Passionately Cultivating Growth

Passionately Cultivating GrowthPassionately Cultivating GrowthPassionately Cultivating Growth

Courtney Boltz

Treasurer of the Board, The Ardent Grove Foundation; Vice President and Portfolio Manager, U.S. Bank

I have been a Portfolio Manager for U.S. Bank for 2 years. As a Portfolio Manager I analyze, underwrite, document and manage a book of Commercial credit clients. I work with a vast array of industries including; commercial & industrial, non-profit, retail, and fast-casual. I decided to move to Colorado 2 years ago, because of my love of the outdoors and the opportunities that Denver has to offer. 

Why are you excited about Ardent Grove?

I am excited about the Mission of the Ardent Grove Foundation. Mental Health is becoming increasingly important, especially when there is a trauma aspect to one’s experience. To be able to provide access to low cost therapy and continued support to members of the community is a necessity, and I am proud to support this organization.

More about Courtney...

Prior to U.S. Bank I was a Portfolio Manager at a Associated Bank located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I started as an intern at the organization while attending Carroll College gaining a B.A.Sc. focused in Accounting. I also served on a few non-profit boards during my time in Milwaukee, that gave me a great desire to continue that service in the Denver Area.