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Passionately Cultivating Growth

Passionately Cultivating Growth

Passionately Cultivating GrowthPassionately Cultivating GrowthPassionately Cultivating Growth

Erin Jacklin, Psy.D., Licensed clinical psychologist

Board Chair, The Ardent Grove Foundation; Executive Director, The Catalyst Center

I am the founder and executive director of The Catalyst

Center, a group practice dedicated to helping people heal from postpartum depression, recover from past trauma, and build healthy, thriving families.  Untreated mental health issues and trauma can impact families for generations leading to disconnection and distress. Healing from these experiences has a ripple effect that can change the course of a family for generations to come. We are passionate about changing the future by healing the past.

Why are you excited about Ardent Grove?

I am excited for the Denver community to gain the

benefit of high quality, trauma-informed therapy services accessible to all. Supporting new parents and survivors of trauma is incredibly important, and Ardent Grove has an opportunity to make a big difference in people’s lives through this work. Additionally, I am excited about the excellent training opportunity for future psychologists to learn how to integrate EMDR and trauma-informed care into their work throughout their careers.

More about Erin...

University of Denver Psy.D., former elementary school teacher, lover of the outdoors, and mother of three daughters.